[cdt-l] Pi in Salida

Mateo Jackson msjack01 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 13 17:06:53 CDT 2006

Hi all.  I arrived in Salida today.  After a cold, rainy stretch, the 
weather has returned to blue skies... for now.  I was off trail for 10 days 
at Grand Lake, and took a bit to find my trail legs again, but my body seems 
to be happy to be out here again.  Hunters and ATVers are swarming the hills 
these days.  In the stretch b/w Twin Lakes and Monarch Pass I must have seen 
a dozen each day... no hikers in that stretch though.  Be sure to wear some 
orange if you're out there.  I finally met Ahab today who was at Monarch 
Pass hiking out while I was hitching to town.  Hopefully I'll catch up to 
him and hike with him a bit.

I met a reporter in Frisco who did this piece on the CDT (and me).  Thought 
some of you might be interested.



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