[cdt-l] Cavorting in Crested Butte

Lawton Grinter lawtong at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 22 09:48:38 CDT 2006

Hello CDT-Liens,

Disco here.  I have neglected to post anything thus far during my current 
southbound thru-hike of the CDT with P.O.D. and for that I must beg your 

I wanted to update you all on the goings-ons of a lot of the southbounders 
right now.

P.O.D. and I . . .  along with Tradja, Jess and No Trace made it to Monarch 
Pass on Wednesday the 20th.  The 5 of us headed into Salida to learn of a 
bit of bad weather coming to the Continental Divide Thurs-Sat.  P.O.D. and I 
are from Crested Butte so we made a few calls and now P.O.D., myself, Tradja 
and Jess are all in Crested Butte waiting out this storm.

Both Mags and Skittles hitched into Saguache yesterday from Hwy 114 and 
they'll now be hitching into Crested Butte today to wait out the rest of the 
storm with us.

And . . . Speedo and Lovebarge got to Monarch Pass yesterday . . . after 
climbing more 14'ers than I thought was possible on a CDT thru-hike . . . 
spent the night at the Circle R in Salida and will be hitching into Crested 
Butte to wait out the rest of the storm.

All told . . . there will be 8-9 CDT sobo thru-hikers in Crested Butte today 
and tomorrow!  Who would have ever thought Crested Butte would become a 
reluctant CDT trail town.  CB is approximately 1.25 hours from Monarch Pass.

Anyway that is the status of most folks . . . Pi and Ahab are somewhere (I 
believe but am not positive) between Lake City and Silverton . . . or 
possibly Creede if they decided to take a low route and get out of the snow?

Kevin and Frank are M.I.A. like Chuck Norris but possibly in Salida??

Monarch Pass had a couple of inches of snow on the ground yesterday and the 
parking lot had about 1/2 inch of ice on the asphalt.  And I'm guessing they 
got a few more inches of snow last night.  Crested Butte is at 9,000' and 
it's snowing steadily as I write . . . so I'm sure it is really coming down 
on the Pass.

We all plan to hit the trail on Sunday morning.  We may need a solar powered 
carbon-fiber snow plow to break trail though?  Or possibly one made out of 
spinnaker for weight savings??

Best, Disco


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