[cdt-l] Mapsource US Topo 100

chris G chgeth at yahoo.de
Sun Apr 1 03:49:27 CDT 2007

I have ordered the Mapsource US Topo 100 CD from
Amazon. At Amazon there were various US Topo 100
available and seeing no difference between them I
ordered the cheapest one. It has just arrived and with
a lot of problems a friend of mine downloaded them to
my GPS microSD card. 

Only then I realized that I have purchased version
3.02.  The lastest version available is version
6.12!!!! This is not shown at amazon or may be I am
just too stupid to find it. 

Anyway, now I have version 3.02 and I wonder whether
it is worth getting the update. On the Garmin website
they show all the changes from 3.02 to 6.12 but these
changes are only regarding the software (elimiting
errors and improving functions). I have not seen any
changes regarding the data base of the maps

If the data base of the maps remain the same between
these versions I don't think it is worth to invest
into a newer version. But if the maps themselves are
updated, I would buy the newer version. 

Can anybody give me some advice on that?

German Tourist

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