[cdt-l] Mapsource US Topo 100 & Pepper Spray?

Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 1 14:48:44 CDT 2007


I own the 3.* version and my understanding about the
updates is that they fix some bugs but do not affect
the maps other than some typos.  I'm currently writing
a hiking guidebook and learned that you can go out to
Garmin's web site and download the updates yourself to
upgrade from 3.* to a more recent version.  I'm on a
business trip this week and not at home, or I would
tell you my exact version numbers that I "HAD" and now
"HAVE" post-downloads.  Garmin tech support is pretty
good at responding, so I would advise you visit their
site and if you don't see a clear answer there, email
them.  They helped me debug the software and GPS unit
several times via email and once on the phone.  Try
that before you give up on the software.

Pepper Spray:

I've read Stephen Herrero's book three times, along
with every other published book about grizzlies (and
black bears).  All that reading leaves one with a
clearer understanding of extremely individualistic and
intelligent animals.  Herrero's case studies
illustrate that the use of pepper spray has shown to
be a double-edged sword.  Case studies show that
pepper spray has saved lives during some encounters,
but have also shown spray to be completely ineffective
(even a 12-gauge shotgun has shown to be
ineffective!).  Yet another set of cases have shown
that grizzlies tend to be curious about the scent of
pepper spray in the can and may enter a camp to
investigate.  The bottom line is that no one really
knows whether pepper spray is the best thing to have,
but most experts say it's probably better to have it
than not to have it.  Just know that there is a slight
chance that the bears may actually be interested in
its scent.....the only proven deterrent to grizzly
attacks are closeknit groups on foot (not in camp)
numbering four or more, and people mounted on
horseback.  (There is one documented case of a griz
attacking a sleeping camper sleeping
shoulder-to-shoulder with 8 or more adults.  They were
sleeping in the open without tents; you are much safer
inside a tent.)

The book is really good, but it can also really wig
you out.  Maybe not the best thing for getting a good
night's sleep in Glacier, one of the places in the US
with the most grizzly fatalities.  But if you can keep
in mind how rare these attacks are, then there is a
lot to learn from the book regarding bear body
language and behavior.


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