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I've used a mix of all kinds of sources for my maps. 1:24000 DRGs of every
USGS map are available on-line. There are a number of sources, but this one
is probably the most intriguing:


Of course, as you mentioned, using these maps in a practical application is
unwieldy - the index is not really practical. 

There are various state agencies that have maps for their state on-line, for
You'd have to search around to find others, and the quality varies. (I
haven't found a source for Colorado maps from a similar state agency)

I'm sure you're familiar with topozone.com as well. They do have a "pro
service" of some kind that improves things somewhat, but isn't quite as
economically favorable as it used-to be. 

The TOPO! Series is excellent, and expensive. Like everything, you get what
you pay for, and if you really need it, it can be worth it. It just depends
on how many maps you need to make, or how often you'll be visiting that
given state. 

A lot of people use the DeLorme TopoUSA series, but these are vector
graphics, which don't give you the same level of detail as the USGS quads.
Plus, a lot of information on the quads isn't on the vector maps.  

Good luck with whatever you're trying to map...


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Dear all,

I am interestead in attempting to develop a new backcountry route for my
next trip and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations regarding
mapping software or other resources.  I know that the TOPO! series is
supposed to be excellent, but $100 per state seems a pit steep.  On the
other hand, most of the online options are unweildy and slow.  Does anyone
have any recommendations?  Jonathon...what did you use to make your maps?

Thanks in advance

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