[cdt-l] Pepper Spray?

Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 00:55:34 CDT 2007

Sam Haraldson wrote:

> >    2. Re: Pepper Spray?
>I've hiked 1,000 plus miles in the Northwest Montana backcountry, seen
>dozens and dozens of bears and only carried bear spray when I was
>getting paid by the feds (in which case it was a requirement).  That
>can of pepper spray never ONCE got unclippped from my backpack.
>If you make noise coming around corners and through thick vegetation
>and follow proper cooking and food storage techniques there's no need
>for pepper spray.  This has been said time and time again in many
>conversations but I'm chipping in my point because I don't don't think
>carrying a useless 5 or 10 extra ounces is worth anyone's while.

Sam -
I like your attitude.

To carry bear spray or not - is not an objective decision based on fact, but 
rather a subjective one based on one's level of fear and tolerance for risk. 
  Those who live with fear carry bear spray - those who live with faith, 

Walk softly,
(and sing loudly, even if badly),


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