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Adam Bradley tooloouk79852 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 20:51:27 CDT 2007

Hello fellow walkers!

  This is Adam Bradley out here in Reno, NV.  Last
year many of you were able to take part in my
Hike4Trails benefit for the PCT.  Thanks to many of
you we where able to raise 4,200$ for land acquisition
along the PCT corridor.  Well now it is 2007 and I
find myself heading off to walk the Arizona Trail. 
Much like the PCT the AZT is far from complete. 
Unlike my benefit last year which focused on all of
the unprotected portions of the PCT, this year my
benefit for the AZT will focus on one area in need of
protection.  Working with Dave HIcks of the AZT we
have identified the area known as the White Canyon
Wilderness would be the appropriate choice for 2007. 
The Arizona Trail Association must purchase the land
from the state, then turn around and dedicate it back
to the state so that it may be permanently protected. 
If you or anyone you might know would be interested in
helping protect this area feel free to contact me at
the link below.  This years benefit shouldn't set you
back too far because it is a much shorter trail than
the PCT.  As always 100% of the proceeds go to the
Arizona Trail Association and will be acknowledged
with a letter for your tax purposes.

On another note the AZT has no data book.  Unlike the
PCT the AZT hiker has options on routing since 40
miles of the trails still aren't completed.  No two
AZT hikers may ever walk the same exact path.  I
wanted to have the ability to see how far to water,
what elevation, landmarks, etc. while on the move.  So
I created my own data book.  In the spirit of helping
future AZT thru hikers I would gladly email you a copy
of the spreadsheet so that you may print up and use at
will.  I hope to put it up on the internet so that
folks may download at will, however I have no
experience with that.  If anyone out on the lists has
that experience and would be willing to help with that
please contact me.  Until then just contact me and I
will email you a attachment.  Of course I will be
updating it as I head north, so by mid May I should
have a pretty accurate data book.  The format is the
same as the PCT data book.

Well I hope all of you have a wonderful 2007 hiking
season and I hope to see you on the trail!

Take Care,
Adam Bradley

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