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Wonder if he'd still be in one piece if that had been a grizz?

Caryl Bergeron <caryl_bergeron at yahoo.com> wrote:

 So much discussion about bear spray.  How about some fun bear stories.  For example:
  My hubby and I were mountain bike touring in the LoLo pass region west of Missoula a few years back.  Now with a mountain bike loaded to the gills with touring equipment, making a whole lot of noise just ain't a problem.  You bang and rattle so much it's nice to have quiet when you come to a stop.  We were cruising along nicely on a fairly flat section of dirt road when we heard a rustle off to our left.  Hubby went around a nearly 180 deg blind bend before me and very nearly crashed into the side of a big old black bear.  If he hadn't slammed on the brakes we would have had a bear/bike wreck.  Just imagine trying to report that to your insurance agency.  "Hey the bear didn't show any hand signals."
  Anyway, the last thing we saw was that poor frightened bear's butt  hurrying away down the hill just as fast as its chubby little legs could carry it.
  And they say bikes trigger the chase instinct in bears. 

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