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Here are a couple questions out to all my CDT mentors:  What sections of the CDT can one expect the need for water filters.  I do recall reading the debate of "to treat or not to treat water," and the use of germicidal type tablets.  I am trying to cut weight out of my pack (who isn't?) for a sobo this June.  Are water sources in Montana similar to the higher elevations on the PCT?  Those higher areas on the PCT, as I recall, I used about 3 drops of bleach, or 6 drops of iodine and a 1/4 vit C tablet in a 22 oz Gator Aide bottle (Please correct me if I am wrong about the amount of drops needed).  I used a filter in S. Calf. and a few other places along the lower elevations on the PCT.  Knowing those areas along the CDT that would require a filter would help plan where to keep sending the filter ahead. 
The second part of my subject is the use of "Heet."  I hate assuming anything, but I will go out on a limb on this one -  In Yogi's "CDT Handbook" (extremely helpful) she refers to a product called Heet, which is available at certain resupply locations.  Is Heet an additive for vehicles?  I have in the past used a product call "Magic Heat," however, it cooks food too slow.  So, I am "assuming" Heet is used as a substitute for denatured alcohol stoves and not in gas type stoves.
Looking forward to your responses.
Happy Trails, 
Flat Feet
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