[cdt-l] 2007 noboers

Andrew Rivers funkwithoutjunk at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 17:43:24 CDT 2007

          F-Yeah troop (Hiaku, Tree Hugger, D=rt, Star, myself
(shaggy) and a few others are headed off from the kickoff. We're dirty
dogging it out to Deming on that Sunday the... 29th. A 16 hour ride...
blah. But will be good company, or we'll all want to kill each other
before we get to the trail? It will rock. We will probably end up
starting the 1st or so. Not to sure. It'll be between the 30th and the
   There will be 8 of us then, so if you start around then, you should
probably not be alone, just follow the humungus size 16 EE footprints!

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