[cdt-l] Fording rivers on the CDT

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I remember Troubadour and Turtle writing about a hair-raising river crossing 
in Glacier on their sobo hike in 2000. They were in Glacier before the 
bridges had been put out.

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I have personally posted a question about fords on the
CDT and have seen a few other hikers do the same.
There haven't been a whole lot of responses.

The answers I've seen seem to indicate that the fords
of concern are in Montana, particularly in Glacier,
and along the Gila in NM, and that they are not much
to worry over unless there has been unusually heavy

I just want to provide one more chance for experienced
hikers to jump in with more info....

I'm buying my gear right now, and I plan to carry a
very light pair of flip flops for camp shoes and
fords.  I have heavier Teva sandals that are great for
swift, dangerous fords, but they are A LOT heavier.
If I can get away with flip flops and/or socks for
fords, then that will save me some weight.  For
comparison, I was able to ford the glacial rivers in
WA on the PCT in flip flops.....it wasn't pretty, but
I didn't feel it was a big risk.

As a sobo, I expect to see the worst fords in
Glacier....with the low snow pack, I also expect that
the fords will be normal or below normal.

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