[cdt-l] Carrying Lots of Water

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Water sources on the CDT are generally closer than on the PCT.  We carried 
at most one gallon at a time. As you read Jim Wolf's guidebooks, you'll get 
a good idea of the distances.  The issue on the CDT is that some water 
sources may not be functional when you arrive (i.e. broken windmill) or they 
may be fouled (dead animals).  That is harder to predict.  We always carried 
a little more than we needed so that if a source wasn't viable we would 
survive until the next one.  We also never passed up a source unless we were 
absolutely sure that there was water ahead.


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>On the PCT a few years ago I managed to do just fine only carrying a max of 
>4.5 liters through Southern California, but I assume I'll need more on the 
>CDT.  I'm going nobo this year, so I'm curious how much people needed to 
>carry through New Mexico, and more particularly, what gear/water bag they 
>liked to use to do so.
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