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Steadty is on the trail, staring from Crazy Cook Monument on April 12.

Yes, it would be an impossible hitch to the monument from the highway.  I 
drove Steady Sr. to the trailhead on April 11.  We had a high clearance 
vehicle and a car navigation system that knew the jeep roads quite well.  We 
did not make it to the monument.  With darkness setting in and road 
conditions, we stopped 12 miles from our destination.  The roads are dry, 
but deeply rutted and quite soft (sandy) in spots.  There was no flood 
damage on the roads that we drove, but there countless roads in the area 
that we did not take.  The deLorme maps and Jonathan Lay maps have a good 
approximation of the roads in the area.

Best of luck to you - Spirit
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If for some reason I were to desire to start at the "official" southern 
terminus of the trail, is their any information about it other than that on 
the CDTA website? 
(http://www.cdtrail.org/page.php?pname=about/newmexico/updates/access)  I 
assume that's an absolutely impossible hitch.  Is the dirt road to the Crazy 
Cook monument ok for low clearance vehicles, and am I totally imagining 
this, or did I read somewhere about flood damage to said dirt road?

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