[cdt-l] The Southwest

Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 00:26:56 CDT 2007

Sam -

I'm glad you parents enjoyed the trip - the Southwest is special.  Last 
night it was also cold - it snowed, hailed and sleeted on us all night.  
Then all the white stuff was gone by the time we got back to the truck this 
afternoon.  I hope your parents had better weather.  I know they got lots of 
pictures -

We got into this stuff because of Ginny's brother - he's a site steward near 
Phoenix and spends a lot of time exploring the desert looking for "wild" 
ruin and petroglyph sites.  He finds them, too. It seems to be contagious -

As I said - we got to Keet Seel today - and discovered that there are 
several other unexplored sites in the same area.  If it was BLM or USFS 
land, we'd make another trip back there - but it's Navajo land and a lot 
more difficult to access.  We'll have to see what can be done about that - 
later.  In the meantime, there are gaggles of places that we haven't been 
yet.  Tomorrow is Chaco Canyon, then another trip to Mesa Verde , a couple 
museums, - the list is endless, but at some point we'll head back to 
Escalante.  Last time we were there, we found some unexplored stuff - we'll 
see if we can repeat the performance.

Grand Gulch was super, too - the BLM lists six ruin/petroglyph/pictograph 
sites on the map - and we found 22 in the 45 miles that we did.  It's a 
beautiful place to hike even if you don't care about the archeology.

Hmm - forgot to mention to Jason that we tried to get into Paria - but it 
was booked until sometime in June - at which time it gets too hot to be in 
there.  We had the same problem with Aravaipa - so I guess we'll have to 
come back another time.

Walk softly,

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> > So – to catch up – we made a tour of southeastern Arizona
>Jim and Ginny,
>The time you're spending sounds delightful.  Last week my folks just
>returned home from a month long trip around the Southwest, visiting
>many of the same sites you did.  Granted they're not backpackers and
>prefer their camping from their truck and trailer but they had a
>delightful time viewing some of the finest anthropological and scenic
>offerings in America.
>- sam_h
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