[cdt-l] Backpacker Mapping Project

Scott Gates cdtproject at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 12:04:35 CDT 2007

I've seen talk of Backpacker magazine's mapping project on the list, but
wanted to make things more official-like with the May 1st winner
notification deadline fast approaching. I have spoken with many of you about
the project, and appreciate your help with route-tweaking and so on. Our
first team pulled off a successful hike north from the southern terminus
earlier this week, so things are really in full swing.

The team posted daily podcasts to the project blog, at
http://backpackercdtproject.blogspot.com. Other project updates are posted
there as well, and I'd appreciate any feedback or comments you all have as
things continue to come together. Please feel free to contact me directly
with other questions or suggestions at the number/address below. Thanks!

Scott Gates

CDT Project Coordinator

CDTproject at gmail.com
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