[cdt-l] Bob Fires

Garret Christensen garretchristensen at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 19:33:43 CDT 2007

Francis told me he was going to send an update at his next opportunity, and since he's already gone around the Bob to both the east and the west, I'll let him explain and just let everyone know that yeh, the east side of the Bob is pretty much out.  I was able to get in it for about 20 miles on trail 107 from West Fork Teton trailhead (everyone absolutely needs the Bob/Scapegoat/Great Bear all-in-one map that USGS/USFS makes) but crew were wrapping a cabin at the trailhead, and that fire (Fool's Creek) is WFU, so it's still raging, and hiking that section out of the trailhead, you could tell the fire was _really_ close (ie, it was raining ash and burnt pine needles).  Then because of the Skyland fire, I basically stayed in the NF but as far east as you could go (east around Feather Woman Mtn, etc) and not heading back west to Badger Pass.  I spent last night at Pahlookaville, and slept right next to a road that was the firebreak.  This morning I walked
 out on roads (Pahlookaville Trail to Heart Butte Cutoff to HWY 2 to town) in the Blackfeet Reservation.  As far as I know, this route is all still legal, but I doubt it will be safe/open much longer.

Good luck,
The Onion

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