[cdt-l] Here we are again

Jim and/or Ginny Owen spiriteagle99 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 6 21:36:50 CDT 2007

This time in Lake Louise.  I know, we weren't supposed to go to Lake Louise, 
but things happen.  Like an urgent need for new boots, and a broken pack 
belt buckle, and no room at the inn (any of the inns) in Field.  So here we 
are at the hostel, enjoying beer, spaghetti, showers, laundry and internet - 
all the good things in a thruhiker's life.

The hike is going well, aside from gear issues.  The GDT is one tough trail. 
  But it is a beautiful one.  We especially enjoyed the Rockwall Trail in 
Kootenay (aside from the hordes of people) and the area around Mt. 
Assiniboine.  The original section of GDT in the national forest, with its 
sense of remoteness and lack of people (5 days and only one group of 
dayhikers) was enjoyable, despite some interesting navigation issues.  (When 
the only maps date from 1973 and the trail wasn't built until a few years 
later and they've logged the area in the meantime, creating lots of new 
logging roads that also aren't on the map - that makes for some interesting 

We haven't seen nearly as much wildlife as we expected - partly a good thing 
since the whole trail is a bear corridor, and we haven't been eaten yet, 
which is a really good thing.  There have been a lot more wildflowers than 
we expected which seems to compensate.  Seems like all the high country is 
flower filled meadows - absolutely gorgeous.  Fires have been sending smoke 
our way, so we haven't taken as many photos as usual - but we will have a 
lot of flower shots, and marmots and ground squirrels to fill the gaps.

Health is good - Jim's knees complain at the very very steep ups and downs, 
but they keep on trucking.  We are enjoying the life, as usual.  Weather has 
been great until the thunderstorms last night. It has been really warm, but 
not unbearably so.  Nights have been chilly with some frost in the morning.

We're pretty much on schedule.  We've hiked about 360 miles and expect to 
reach Jasper in about two weeks.  There we'll decide whether to go on to Mt. 
Robson, or Lake Kakwa, or simply stop there.  Gear and knees will probably 
be the deciding factors.  Our packs, well used (abused) on the CDT last 
year, are starting to fall apart and the zipper on our tent is gone - after 
only about six months of use.  Given the mosquito population out here, 
that's not a good thing.

Walk softly,

Jim and Ginny


Now you can see trouble…before he arrives 

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