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Definitely get both - they are very different types of guidebooks. Yogi's is 
a town guide and "how to hike" - not an actual guidebook saying turn here 
and the water is there.  I don't think Yogi intends to update her book every 
year - it is simply too much work. Jim Wolf's are the best guidebook for 
describing the trail in detail. In some cases the guidebook has a supplement 
that you also need to get.  Coordinating the guidebook and the supplement 
takes some time - work it out before you leave home so you don't try to 
follow a trail that was closed years ago.   Given the water situation 
though, you absolutely do need Wolf's guidebooks to find the sometimes 
hidden springs and to figure out the twists and turns of the trail.  I don't 
know if Jim plans any new editions over the winter - check his website or 
ask him before you buy.  You will also need maps in addition to what is in 
the guidebooks.  Jonathan's are good for trail notes, but lack many of the 
side trails and roads that show on the National Forest maps.  Get both.



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>I am doing some more planning for my hike and want to
>get the guidebook, I understand that Jim wolf has a
>very good one and that Yogi does as well.  Should I
>get both? Also should I wait for this years changes to
>be published or will it be good enough.  I also was
>wondering if anyone had a suggestion on an Idea to
>carry the maps handily, as I hate pockets I wear
>running shorts that have none.  I appreciate any
>suggestions you all have.  -Joe
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