[cdt-l] Tips on Helena and Bob Marshall Fires

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Mon Aug 20 22:06:19 CDT 2007

HELENA: I recommend staying with Thomas McCardle in Helena. He's a PCTer who is giving back to the trail community by hosting and helping CDT thru-hikers. I left a comprehensive map of the Bob Marshall Wilderness in his apartment (it's above the kitchen sink). Basmati gave it to me and I hope other hikers can use it. You can use it to plan your route through the Bob.

McCardle's cell is 406.461.7278 and his work # is 406.447.8125. His email is in the cc.

Take him out to dinner or, even better, introduce him to a hot tall blonde woman.

THE BOB: Obviously conditions will change by the time some of the Nobos reach the Bob, but here are my quick tips:
* The Bob is huge and there's no need to road walk around the whole thing. 
* Favor the west side, since wind (smoke and fires) tend to go east.
For those who want to risk your life, a $5000 fine, and/or 6 months in jail, there might be a way to see the Chinese Wall. If the Indian Head shelter hasn't been burnt down, there should be a way through White River Pass and out through Spotted Bear Pass. I'm not recommending this, but I know there are some psycho hikers out there who are would risk getting burned alive just to get a glimpse of the Chinese Wall.

TRAIL UPDATE: Speaking of risking my life, I'm off to attempt to traverse the Divide along the Winds and summit Gannett Peak. If I die in a cravasse, it was a fun hike while it lasted....

Francis Tapon

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