[Cdt-l] Wildcat is missing on the CDT

yogi yogihikes at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 17 00:11:46 CST 2007

Wow, that's scary.  I personally skipped half of the
Gila route due to snow/rain.  I'm copying this email
to the CDT-L.  Hopefully, some of the 2007 hikers
could chime in with suggestions.


--- Donna and Rob Mabry <dandrmabry at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Yogi: 
> I am writing to get some input from you regarding
> terrain, routes, etc.   Wildcat (PCT '05) has been
> hiking the CDT this year and I thought he would be
> finishing up before now.  He went back to Tennessee
> for Thanksgiving (Left from Grants, NM) and got back
> on the trail 11/28.  He last talked to his wife on
> the phone "in person" on Dec 3, then he left her a
> voice mail on Dec 8 saying he was on Hwy 28, north
> of Snow Lake.  He was going to call her when he got
> to Doc Campbell's, and to pick up his packages by
> Dec 11.  He has not shown up there yet.  Becky
> (Wildcat's wife) e-mailed One Gallon and he called
> her back, saying HE was at Doc Campbell's on Dec 11
> (?!) and Bert did not pick up his things.
> I e-mailed Nitro and Hawkeye, two hikers that did
> the CDT this year to ask them about the
> trail/terrain/phone access, etc. and neither one
> painted a very pretty picture as far as the spot
> where Bert is right now -- if he decided to stay
> dry, it's a long, confusing route.  If he did take
> the Gila river route, he'd be wet A LOT and it is
> very cold here right now.  We just got a storm
> through Alamosa last week that came from the south. 
> I am guessing from reading other trail journals
> about that section that he is at about 7-8,000 feet
> in elevation.
> I suppose I am asking you if you have some "best
> guess" where he may be.  I am ready to get in my car
> and drive down there.  We're about 7-ish hours away,
> I'd say.  Becky HAS called the authorities there --
> the NM police and the Forest Service.
> I hope you are well; we are good here.  COLD,
> though.  It was -12 degrees this a.m.
> Donna Mabry
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