[Cdt-l] CDT stickers

Mike DiLorenzo dilorenz at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 17 09:28:03 CST 2007

The CDT sticker on my bumper, featured in Disco's wonderful movie, was purchased from Cafepress and uploaded there by Mags.  If his upload isn't still available, I bet he can reactivate it.  Also, I too received a CDT bumper sticker from the CDTA at Trailfest last summer, or maybe in my goodie bag from trail work.  So they do have them.  And the stickers from the CDTA are better quality than what you get at Cafepress.  But I guess they just don't sell them?  You might want to email Bruce Ward directly, I'm sure he too got lost off the list during the technical troubles this fall.  And Mags has been CC'd here, so that he might point you towards his Cafepress upload if it is still available.
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