[Cdt-l] Used Guidebooks and Maps for Sale

Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 17 11:05:06 CST 2007

I have a complete set of "07 CDT guidebooks.  The original sale has fallen through, so they are back on the market.  The set is current up through this year; I don't know if Wolf or Ley are putting out any updates for '08.  Included in my "set" are all the Wolf guides, a full set of Ley maps printed out in color on 8.5x11" paper, and Yogi's CDT handbook.  The guides/maps are organized in Ziplocs ready for mailing out to town stops.  Price:  $160 including shipping. 
  I also have a full set of DeLorme topo maps with the CDT traced out on them that I will throw in as optional for an extra $80.
  Some items in this set have seen use in the field, but all are in good condition.
  kborski at yahoo.com

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