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Sounds like it could have been scary!

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I just got off the phone from Becky Emmerson, Bert's (Wildcat) wife. She said she just got a call from Wildcat. He is at a motel in Glenwood, NM on Hwy 180 northwest of Silver City. 


When he left his last phone message, he said it was snowing. After that message, the snow went from being a couple of inches to being "imagine standing with your hands hanging down at your sides and having the snow touch your fingers." He ran into some hunters who told him if he headed west he should be able to get out, which he did. He was able to make his food last, but Becky said he would call her back after he got something to eat. He has some friends in Silver City who are going to take him to seek medical attention, as he thinks he may have some frostbite on his feet.


He told Becky " at one point I was pretty scared and was hoping you were sending people out to look for me."


Becky said to thank everyone for their concern and help. She really appreciated it. She knew when One Gallon and the other hikers were concerned that she should be too.


Thanks for all your help. Hikers are pretty special people.


Mom and Dad PCT '05

Donna and Rob Mabry 


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