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Okay...you might not know it, but I've been concerned about WILDCAT. I
last spoke with him on Dec. 3rd from Pietown; but he left a message on
our answering machine Dec. 8th. When One Gallon expressed concern over
this, I decided that I was indeed worried. It's not unusual to go a
week without a phone call from him, but yesterday I learned that he had
not picked up his maildrop (ETA 12/11) at Doc Campbell's. They
recommended I call the visitor center nearby, and then they suggested I
call the New Mexico State Police. So
I slept last night, but worried every time I was awake. This morning I
called Silver City to learn that he hadn't made it that far either,
because that package was still there. I was in contact with Sgt.
Estrada with the NM police and Cathy Van Camp, the wilderness law
enforcement officer in that area. They both encouraged me to wait &
see if I heard from WILDCAT today; but I was ready for them to start a
search first thing tomorrow.
After I arrived home from work, the
phone rang; I remember wishing it would be WILDCAT...and it was!! He
was calling from a motel in Glenwood, NM. He'd gotten into a lot of
snow; 2-4 inches the first day; 4-8 inches the next day; 8-12 inches
the 3rd day. While on the phone with WILDCAT, he told me to stand with
my hands down at my sides and imagine snow up to my fingertips! He ran
into some people who told him that, if he went west, he should be
headed out of the snow. He said he was basically travelling with one
week of food, but had been out two weeks!
WILDCAT has relatives
in Silver City who will take him to a doctor tomorrow; he may have
frostbite on 3-4 toes, the worst being his right big toe. At some point
along the trail, he hoped I had called a search party! And he's decided
he will not finish the trail in 2007; he'll go back & complete it
next year.
I greatly appreciate the prayers, thoughts, emails,
phone calls, etc. from everyone. The hiker community is just wonderful!
I'll keep this site updated in the coming days as I learn more. 


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