[Cdt-l] Trekking Poles

Doug Carlson doug-sue71 at comcast.net
Mon Dec 31 15:52:46 CST 2007

A LDH on the Backpacker forum mentioned he didn't use trekking poles because they used up more calories than they were worth.  I like using trekking poles generally, but wonder if the posters comments are valid?  Do poles use up more calories than they are worth?  How many LDHers use trekking poles?  Now I am wondering....

I watched Walking The West- "Hiking 2600 miles from Mexico to Canada  about a hike on the PCT.  I noticed the two hikers on the video didn't use trekking poles but they did carry an ice axe.  That got me thinking.  Seems like I use trekking poles like a second pair of arms and hands at times.  

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