Seth Schumacher eragon921 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 00:34:27 CST 2007

Hey all,

     Just a shout out to those who ordered maps. I've gotten about 25%
through printing them and they are coming out great. Unfortunately they
won't be out until at least next Monday, sorry. To those who have recently
requested map sets, I'm sorry I've been unable to accommodate your requests.
I will most likely be performing this service next year  for those
interested hiking in 2008. I will for sure have this year's sets out by
Friday the 16th, NO LATER, as I will be starting the AT on the 20th. I hope
you all have great trips and hope to see some of you on the CDT when you
pass through my neck of the woods (ALL of Montana and Yellowstone).

Seth Schumacher "Osprey"
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