[cdt-l] Colorado Trail "End to End" Guide updated

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Mags: Great info! I appreciate your suggested start times. 

How early can you go through CO, as a Nobo, and NOT face avalanche danger? 
I assume March still poses some avalanche risk, but how about April? 

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> I updated my Colorado Trail "End to End" guide to reflect the changes from
> the second to the third edition of the Colorado Trail databook. This guide
> should help you in your planning of an extended trek on the Colorado
> The major differences from the previous version of my "End to End" guide
> are:
> * Mileage between towns. The trail "gained" 15 miles since the last data
> book was published.
> * The Copper Mountain post office is no more! A hiker a must resupply in
> Breck or Frisco now
> * A brief blurb about bears and permits
> While my guide will not replace the maps, databook and guidebook for the
> Colorado Trail, it does help sort out all the needed information in a
> compact form.
> The guide can be found at:
> http://www.pmags.com/colo_trail_info.htm
> If you have any questions, please drop me a line!
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