[cdt-l] Blame it on the Tetons

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Thu Feb 8 18:55:52 CST 2007

I'm pretty sure Goof went through the Tetons a couple years ago, but it  
would be hard to by-pass Yellowstone completely since the Tetons are directly  
Goof did a journal on Trail Journals which would probably help explain but  
it seems to be down right now.
_http://trailjournals.com/goof/_ (http://trailjournals.com/goof/) 
Yellowstone is only busy in a few places...
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treyis3 at gmail.com writes:

Has anyone detoured thru the Tetons on their CDT  adventure?  I would like to 
work out a route using the Teton Crest Trail,  etc., and then possibly 
bypassing silly, crowded Yellowstone altogether  if possible.  If anyone has done a 
contiguous route thru this area, I  would appreciate some input.  

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