[cdt-l] Help with common list problems (can't post, can't see this email) ADMIN

Ryan Brooks ryan at hack.net
Fri Feb 9 16:22:45 CST 2007

Hey all,

    Lately I have been getting more people with two common problems with 
the lists:

1) Can't post.  Never see my posts. 

2) Never get any email from the list.


For #1, there are only a few possibilities: (in order of probability)

- You're trying to post with a (even slightly) different email address 
than the one you subscribed with.  Maybe your ISP or Uni. has a 
different incoming address for you, or maybe you've signed up for a 
number of different accounts.   In any case, you absolutely must post to 
the lists with your subscribed address.  Nothing else gets through.  
That's why there's no spam on the lists.   Only exception to this rule 
is pocketmail users- they can always post.

- You're sending junk attachments (outlook users?) .

- You've set the mailman software to not send you your own posts.  Log 
in to mailman and change it.

#2 -

- Your email program or host is tossing the backcountry.net list traffic 
into a spam folder.  Check it out.

- Your provider has blocked backcountry.net completely; as a spammer.    
This is due to people marking the list posts as spam instead of simply 
unsubscribing.   This most often happens with aol and worldnet, and it's 
a multi-day pain affair for me to fix it.  So, if you're not getting 
posts, and they're not in your spam filter, call your ISP.



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