[cdt-l] Help with common list problems (can't post, can't see this email) ADMIN

Ryan Brooks ryan at hack.net
Fri Feb 9 19:04:35 CST 2007

Ginny & Jim Owen wrote:
> Ours is a slightly different problem.  We get most of the CDT-l posts 
> without any problem.  (We're no mail on AT-L and PCT-L.)  However 
> about one in ten never arrives.  We generally read the lists on the 
> 'instant archives' so it is always odd when posts show up there that 
> never make it to our inbox.  I know some individuals seem to end up in 
> our junk folder, even after we've said "always allow" - but that 
> shouldn't be the issue coming from the list, or is it?
> Ginny

Hard to say.  I do have problems delivering to hotmail from time to 
time- sometimes they seem overloaded.  It could be that it's getting 
into your kill-folder; can you check?


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