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Water might be a problem in some areas, but with gravity about 1/3 of the
CDT's you could pack a lot more. 


On a slightly more or less surreal note, word is that NASA is planning a
moon base by 2024:


A 6790 mile through-hike around the moon might be possibility sometime.




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Lots of great ideas have been shared of where to go after the CDT.  Here's a
link to some new hiking maps of a place no one has visited yet:




I suspect the gear requirement would be unique, but the lack of an
established trail shouldn't bother any CDT veterans.



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If you're headed northbound on the CDT you could just continue up the GDT to
Kakwa Lake then walk mountainous forest up to Tumbler Ridge where you could
turn cross-country to Ware where the Davie Trail leads all the way up to the
Yukon. Cause the CDT's not long enough right. Or along the way you'd be
crossing over both the Trans Canada Trail http://tctrail.ca
<http://tctrail.ca/>  and the National Hiking Trail of Canada
http://www.nationaltrail.ca <http://www.nationaltrail.ca/> . Thought I'd
mention the last one in particular since few people have ever heard of it.
I've hiked a lot of the GDT and pedaled a few hundred miles of the Trans
Canada Trail but haven't been on the National Trail. I have crossed over it
on the Alexander Mackenzie Trail portion which I think would surely be a fun
trail to see sometime. Kinda gets me thinking I might need more time off


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