[cdt-l] 2007 JOHN LEY MAPS

Seth Schumacher eragon921 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 20:55:47 CST 2007

To all who purchased the John Ley Maps from me. The maps are on their way. I
miscalculated my ink usage and thus was unable to print all the NM and MT
sets for everyone. I compensated by printing the MT maps for those I knew
were heading SOBO and the NM maps for those heading NOBO. I WILL be back
from the AT no later than June 20th and will complete those sets that are
incomplete and send them to mail drops you specify. CONTACT
osprey at ospreysjournies.com in June to let me know when you expect to reach
MT/NM (NOBO/SOBO) and the maildrop to send them to and they will be there at
my expense.

Sorry about all this, at least I know how to do better next year.

Any questions, please email osprey at ospreysjournies.com. NOT
eragon921 at gmail.com.

Seth Schumacher "Osprey"
2006-2007 Triple Crown Thru-Hike
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