[cdt-l] Difficulty of Routefinding

Ken Powers kdpo at pacbell.net
Thu Feb 22 01:15:05 CST 2007

Having grown up in Southern Idaho I have heard of the Centennial Trail. This 
is the first time I have seen maps.
Here are my thoughts on the route (of course I haven't hiked out there in 40 
years). The trail starts in remote, hot desert areas and travels thru mostly 
remote areas into one of the largest wilderness areas in the lower 48. 
Bruneau, Glenns Ferry and Stanley are the only populated areas you'll be 
near in the first half of the trail.

I am not too familiar with the areas in Northern idaho. But at least you 
should see some people after you pull away from the Montana border. I will 
try reading more on the trail route. It looks really remote in the south. 
The Frank Church used to be "at the end of the earth".

Marcia's sister lives not far from Stanley and would love to have us hiking 
in her neck of the woods.

See you out there next year. ;)

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Have you considered Idaho's Centennial Trail? That one is 1200 miles long
and the southern end is desert. We have the guiidebook, and the maps are
online, but we decided to hike the GET and GDT first.  We wouldn't have a
lot of company out there.

http://www.idahoptv.org/outdoors/shows/centennialtrail/maps.cfm and


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>I don't think we had heard of the TC when we started hiking. We knew the
>PCT was close to home and while we were hiking the agenda was discussion of
>what we wanted to do in retirement. By Burney Falls we knew that retirement
>should be filled with ldh. The CDT was next for us, again because it was
>"local". Ken grew up in Idaho and I grew up in the wild, scenic wonderful
>Rockies of Montana (Andrew Skurka walked through our family ranch that was
>taken for the Charlie Russell Wildlfe Refuge).
>We were completely unfamiliar with eastern US so the AT was an interesting
>new experience. We did consider a sobo hike but waiting for hiking season
>to start is too hard. We did start well after the March and April crowd who
>mostly thought we were section hikers since they hadn't seen us before. heh
>Our "group" then ended being a couple of other hikers that were really
>interested in as much of a wilderness experience as possible which was what
>we wanted. At this point Ken said my report card would need a box "Does Not
>Hike Well With Others" to be checked.
>I think now that I would leave the AT unhiked and substitute the ADT Utah
>and Nevada, Hayduke, Grand Enchantment and Arizona Trail. I wish they were
>longer...long trails just get my hiking blood going. Wilderness is
>important and the idea that I can hike an entire state without seeing
>anyone is fantastic and then if route finding challenges are the same as or
>even more demanding than the CDT...awesome!
>My hat is off to Jonathan Ley who so far has decided not to hike the AT...I
>just didn't think a lot before dashing off to hike. Each hike contributes
>to a hiker's internal store of experiences. I wouldn't wish any of my
>experiences away but I would not, in retrospect, hike the AT. My theory is
>that a first hike is the benchmark for all other hikes (Annie and the
>Salesman LOVED the AT and couldn't get enough of it while we think the best
>scenery and hiking should be like the High Sierra). And now desert hiking
>really calls to me after all the time we have spent there in S CA, NM, WY
>and now UT and NV...go figure!
>Actually, I want to hike it all and I think maybe we have another 30 years
>left to be out there walking down my "to-hike" list, especially if gear
>keeps improving and getting lighter!
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>I'm curious how tough the routefinding on the CDT is. How would it compare
>to the Mount Assiniboine to Jasper section of the Great Divide Trail which
>I have hiked?
>Also does anyone have any thoughts on a preferable progression on the
>triple crown? I hiked the PCT in 2002 and may do another thru hike attempt
>in 07 or 08. I'm leaning towards the CDT and may never hike the AT or do it
>after the CDT.
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