[cdt-l] How Long is the CDT?

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Fri Feb 23 20:52:39 CST 2007

Of course my math is always suspect, but again, using Yogi's Town  Guide 
data, Jonathan's route is closer to 2600 miles +/-, but there are so  many 
variables it's too tough to call.  
On another note...
I don't know how many people are using Yogi's town guide, but it's really  
helped take alot of guess work out of the planning stages and is a wonderful  
resource.  I've found the "data cover pages" especially useful in  determining 
which maps, guidebook pages (although I keep mine whole) and town  guide pages 
go into each resupply or section.  I also like the "distance  between resupply 
points" graph and her "resupply options" pages, along with  having the town 
info and maps.
IMO, it's well worth the $25....
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