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Tue Feb 27 14:01:52 CST 2007

As opposed to the 24 mile paved road walk from Sun Point to the  Cutbank 
Campground, Jim Wolf's alternate route with only 4.7 miles of road  walk looks 
like a good one.  The only problem I see is the distance  between campsites on 
the Glacier map.  From Gunsight, Lake Ellen or Sperry  to the campsite 
designated by logo near the junction of the South Bountry Trail  and the Fielding Coal 
Creek Trail looks like a long way.
Is there any unassigned back country camping in this area?  How's the  
hitching from the patrol cabin area near the Middlefork on Rt 2 to West  Glacier?  
Is the ford (18 in blue on the map) even doable this time of  year?  How deep 
is it?  Yikes!  
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