[cdt-l] Water treatment survey

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We used a filter, the Katadyn/Pur Hiker.   We carried it the whole way, but 
there were places we didn't filter.  As others said, when water came out of 
a pipe, we drank it straight.  A lot of high country springs seemed to be 
good.  Any standing water we filtered.  I wasn't worried so much about 
giardia as the large amount of cow (and other animal) poop that was in some 
of the sources and the fact that we found dead animals in several water 
sources, which made the rest rather suspect. I don't know what decomposed 
bird, bat or squirrel would do to me, but I preferred not to find out.  The 
cow troughs were probably okay, even though they were full of green/brown 
water - but I prefer to filter that.  Aesthetics, I guess.  We never got 

On our first CDT hike we filtered everything and went through five filter 
elements.  (Filters don't like glacial flour.)  This hike we were less 
careful and only replaced the filter twice.  We carry iodine as emergency 
backup, but rarely used it.



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>We are going around in circles trying to decide how to handle water 
>treatment on the CDT.  We used filters on the PCT, but had to deal with 
>several failures.  So out of curiosity how many folks use:
>   a. filter
>   b. chemicals
>   c. steripen
>   d. MSR Miox
>   e. nothing - don't believe in water born critters
>   Also, has anyone ever tried that rather interesting looking Sawyer 
>in-line filter now available at REI?  We'd love to hear a review if you 
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