[cdt-l] New Mexican Border

Francis Tapon ft at francistapon.com
Tue Feb 27 20:18:37 CST 2007

It seems that there are three places to start/end on the New Mexico/Mexico


This is what I'm guessing is the pros/cons, but any other tips/info would be


*	Columbus: Easy to get in and out of, but not so scenic and lots of
road walking.
*	Antelope Wells: Hard to get to, fairly scenic and dirt roads.
*	Big Hatchet: Extremely hard to get to, scenic.


In short, it seems that the better the scenery, the more remote the
starting/ending point is. Am I wrong?


I realize not everyone can agree on what is more beautiful/scenic than
something else, so I'm also looking for general feedback and ideas on the
New Mexican border.


Happy trails,


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