[cdt-l] Glacier Detours

Sam Haraldson samh at samh.net
Tue Feb 27 20:28:24 CST 2007

> Is there any unassigned back country camping in this area?
> How's the hitching from the patrol cabin area near the
> Middlefork on Rt 2 to West  Glacier?  Is the ford (18 in blue
> on the map) even doable this time of  year?  How deep is it?

Sly -

The entire "Middle Fork" district of Glacier is open to backcountry
camping.  You have to get permission from a ranger station and have
that on your permit but if your miles call for you to have to do too
much to make the next site they'll give you one.

I've forded the Middle Fork of the Flathead at both the Coal and Nyack
crossings a half a dozen times each.  Early season, snow dependant
they can be a bit of a bear to cross but with careful site selection
and technique I've never had to turn back.

Hitching along highway 2 through "The Canyon" as its referred to as is
a breeze.  People in this section of Montana give and receive rides
quite frequently.  In my few years living in Glacier I did countless
hikes that didn't loop, relying on the kindness of others to give me a

- sam_h

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