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I haven't done either of the bootheel routes, but I've never been under the  
impression they were more scenic or had less route walking than the Columbus  
route.  On the contrary, I think the opposite is true, along with the  
Columbus route having more frequent water sources.  There's also the  guidebook 
thing, among other factors.
 ft at francistapon.com writes:

It seems that there are three  places to start/end on the New Mexico/Mexico 
This is what I’m guessing is the  pros/cons, but any other tips/info would be 
    *   Columbus:  Easy to get in and out of, but not so scenic and lots of 
road  walking.  
    *   Antelope  Wells: Hard to get to, fairly scenic  and dirt roads.  
    *   Big  Hatchet: Extremely hard to get to,  scenic. 
In short, it seems that the  better the scenery, the more remote the 
starting/ending point is. Am I  wrong

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