[cdt-l] New Mexican Border

yogi yogihikes at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 28 13:55:52 CST 2007

We thought we'd celebrate in Mexico with margaritas,
but we finished on Mexico's election day!  The bars
were closed!

Luckily, my sister picked us up and she thought to
bring beer.  We sat  near the border drinking beer,
and watched some people try to make a run across the
border.  The Border Patrol caught them pretty fast. 
It seemed like we were watching a movie!


--- Slyatpct at aol.com wrote:

> jonathan at phlumf.com writes:
> >From what I’ve seen,  they’re all scenic
> routes. Most people have only hiked 
> one of them, and tend  to hype “that one” as the
> best. I think it’s all 
> subjective.  
> -------------------------
> Yeah, the only people I know that have hiked two of
> the three routes are  Jim 
> and Ginny.  Something about starting and ending in a
> foreign country,  at a 
> bar no less, intriques me.  : )
> Sly
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