[cdt-l] New Mexican Border

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The paved road walking was around Silver City:  a busy highway south of town 
and a very lightly traveled paved road north of town.  It wasn't that bad. 
There is supposed to be new trail south of the Burro Mountain section that 
eliminates the five miles on highway that we did there.


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>FT, I  had the pleasure of hiking the signed . . . I repeat signed . . . 
>route to the Mexican Border (Crazy Cook Monument)
>Signed, "official",  CDTA, whatever doesn't matter much to me,  especially
>after hiking 2600 miles.  That said, I may try it this year for  diversity.
>Can anyone tell me the number of paved road walking miles from Crazy Cook  
>the Gila?  I'm under the impression it's about 30 as opposed to half  that
>much on the CDTS route.
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