[cdt-l] New Mexican Border

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 28 17:27:55 CST 2007

My reasons for doing the Antelope Wells route:

1) As with Jonathan, I liked the idea of ending as far south as possible. Antelope Wells also seemed far more quiet of an ending than Columbus
 2) At the time, I knew little about the new CDTA route. No maps, no knowledge of water, etc.
3) I had a good friend picking me up at Antelope Wells, not knowing the road conditions (or even how to get there!), would have been difficult to coordinate. (BTW: Thanks again Terry!)

So, Antelope Wells worked for me. But, when I do it over again, I will take the new boot heel route. 

It is flagged, has water, and everyone who took it says it is great. Every time I took single track in New Mexico, it was some of my favorite hiking on the CDT (e.g. Ghost Ranch area, the mesa walks between Cuba and Grants).  The Antelope Wells route had some beauty (including my best sunrise ever ), but I think the new CDTA route looks to be far superior.

But, logistics can be an issue. That's the major fly in the ointment. Unless you have a willing friend/shuttle, may be hard to get there or out.

At the end of the journey, though, it is what is between the termini that counts. Vast open areas, walking on long ridges, mountains that really do seem to scrape the sky and sharing the journey with some incredible people. 

Enjoy the journey...no matter where you end or begin it.

(Sorry, I was off ski touring today with Terry. I'll post the Ruck pics tonight. Honest! :D)

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