[cdt-l] Water sources through El Malpais

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The status of these windmills can change every year (and even by the
seasons) as various land managers move cattle, wells dry-up, are dug deeper,
break and get fixed or converted from wind to solar, etc. If you try to get
a comprehensive list, you'll likely get frustrated, because even if you
think you have "the best" list, odds are it won't be completely accurate. 


The best info you'll get will probably be from people hiking "just ahead of
you", if you're able to get such info. This can be a challenge on the trail
of course, hopefully an early hiker (if you're headed NB) will post
something on this list or trailjournals. If you're headed SB, you'll have
the advantage of the whole summer to talk to other hikers, etc... It's best
to just try to keep flexible, and play the odds a bit - figure that
"something" will be working. While there might be a lot of non-working
windmills, you'll only need a couple to be functional. In that particular
area, you'll generally be not far from a road, and while some people might
not consider it very "pure", it's real easy to yogi water from passing cars
(even if there are only a few per day) if you get into a jam.





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Looking at the combination of Ley's maps and Wolf's guide book it looks
water sources through the El Malpais area just south of Grants, NM are quite
scarce.  Ley's maps specifically point out several windmills that have been
dismantled or no longer work.  Can anyone who has done a NOBO comment on
what they found?  I'd be particularly interested to hear about a low snow
year such as 2005.  Also, is there a water list out there somewhere?



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