[cdt-l] What are the "Desert" Areas of the CDT?

Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 28 21:08:10 CST 2007


I'm actually southbound, so I'll be starting at Canada
late June/early July.  I've heard some sobos deal with
severe heat in MT, and esp. in WY's Great Basin.  I
spent two days cycling across the Great Basin from
Rawlins through Jeffrey City to Lander in mid-July '05
on my cross-country bike trip.  High temps in the
Basin were over 100F (my bike's thermometer read 118F
in the sun).  It floored me that several of cyclists
decided to skip that section (by hitching; yes, you
can hitch with a fully loaded touring bike) so that
they could avoid the heat and the lack of water and
facilities.  I told them they were wimps, because
people were WALKING across the Basin at the same time
we were pedaling (which is, overall, MUCH easier than


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