[cdt-l] Northbound or Southbound - Wyoming

Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 3 22:43:14 CST 2007

We heard a lot about the Wyoming wind, but didn't encounter it on either of 
our hikes.  On our first hike we had our worst winds in Colorado - once at 
Ranger Peak, once near Bowen Lake and again just north of Cumbres Pass.  The 
latter two forced a change of route when we were blown off our feet and 
thought it would be wise to get off the ridgeline.

This year we had one bad windstorm/dust storm in New Mexico just south of 
Cuba, but the rest of the time the winds weren't that bad.  And most of the 
time when it was windy, the wind was at our back.  We saw lots of dust 
devils but only one that reached us, and it wasn't a big one.



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>Jim and/or Ginny Owen wrote:
> >
> > Wyoming is much the same for either northbound or southbound hikers,
> > since we both reach the state in August – full summer. It may be hot –
> > or not. It may rain – or not. It may be windy – or not. There are
> > likely to be below freezing nights in the Winds – but that’s true
> > whichever way you hike. There are lots of flowers in the high country
> > and crowds in Yellowstone and the Winds – for both northbound and
> > southbound hikers.
>The only caveat I would have with this is that I find it easier to hike
>south - with the wind - rather than north, into its teeth, while walking
>through the Great Basin. Not much of a note, but if you've hiked into 30
>mph+ winds for days on end, it's a consideration... Having lived in
>Laramie for years, and hiked the Great Basin in both spring and fall, I
>found it always windy. "The Wind, the bloody Wind!!!"
>Jeff, just Jeff...
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