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Mark Jernigan footslogger03 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 4 08:13:05 CST 2007

Haven't done a CDT thru yet but do live in Laramie now and completely agree with Jeff   ...Just Jeff.
  A 30mph wind is just a "breeze", literally and figuratively and that is in Laramie where there are a few buildings to break up the wind pattersn.  Transport that about 2 hours west in the Great Basin and it really flies.

Jeffrey Olson <jolson at olc.edu> wrote:
  Jim and/or Ginny Owen wrote:
> Wyoming is much the same for either northbound or southbound hikers, 
> since we both reach the state in August – full summer. It may be hot – 
> or not. It may rain – or not. It may be windy – or not. There are 
> likely to be below freezing nights in the Winds – but that’s true 
> whichever way you hike. There are lots of flowers in the high country 
> and crowds in Yellowstone and the Winds – for both northbound and 
> southbound hikers.
The only caveat I would have with this is that I find it easier to hike 
south - with the wind - rather than north, into its teeth, while walking 
through the Great Basin. Not much of a note, but if you've hiked into 30 
mph+ winds for days on end, it's a consideration... Having lived in 
Laramie for years, and hiked the Great Basin in both spring and fall, I 
found it always windy. "The Wind, the bloody Wind!!!"

Jeff, just Jeff...

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