[cdt-l] Southern New Nexico bootheel info

Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 8 21:22:02 CST 2007

Matti wrote:
>NM39: 12 miles out of Hachita is the "twelve mile windmill" (your #2) If 
>want to finish at the CDTA terminus in the middle of no-where (which is 
>really nice ;o) there is a signed route 28 miles from here through the big
>Hatchet Mountains. Take a lot of water from here because the other 
>might be dry or definitely is difficult to find. Also the CDTA book route
>description does not exactly match the trail on the ground - but well it is 
>terrain and easy, if you have made it that far.

Just to make it a little easier for Matti for next time <G> --

We just dropped some information about this specific section on our website 


We hiked the "newly designated" (August 2005) BLM route for the trail 
through Lordsburg last April.  We used a GPS to locate the water sources for 
those who want/need such information.  That info and a set of 6 maps are 
included in the bootheel information.

You can also get there by going to the main page, then to Continental Divide 
Trail, then it's under "Hard Information", along with the next version of 
the revised Town information and mileages.  Since we hiked an alternate 
route through southern Montana, any changes to the town info for that 
section would be appreciated.

Walk softly,
Jim & Ginny


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