[cdt-l] Average CDT age?

Mark Jernigan footslogger03 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 12:28:43 CST 2007

Well    ...I'm doing the PCT in 2009 and then the wife and I are re-hiking the AT in 2010.  So I might just see you out there in 2011.

Jeffrey Olson <jolson at olc.edu> wrote:
  I'll be hiking the CDT in 2010 or 2011, when I'm 58 or 59 - no more section hikes - I'm waiting for the big one!!!

Jeff, just Jeff

Mark Jernigan wrote:     Me too      ...and I'm 58 at the moment.  Based on current plans I'll be well into my 60's at CDT time.

doug-sue1 <doug-sue1 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
          Anyone have any idea what the average age for a CDT thru hiker is?  Anyone know who the oldest CDT thru hiker was?  
  I"m still planning and hoping....  someday...

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