[cdt-l] 2008 CDT Thru-Hikers.

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I am currently planning on hiking the CDT in 08. Planning on hiking
the PCT this year - just have a few more wickets to get through with
the VA. I am not planning on finishing the PCT until late OCT - going
slow and carrying a ton of photography gear, so planning for the CDT
is going to have to take place over the winter months.

hike safe


On 1/11/07, Jason Waicunas <cdt2008 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi from Nabor J,
> As I begin to plan for a photography / video project that will
> coincide with my attempt to hike the CDT in 2008, I am wondering who
> else is thinking about hiking it that year?  Although the hike will
> begin in about a year and a half, I know how fast the departure date
> will be here!  I remember being at the same point in planning for the
> PCT, which I hiked in 2005.....I can't wait to get back out there.
> Take it easy,
> Jason Waicunas (Nabor J)
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