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RICHARD MALLERY dickebird at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 10:28:28 CST 2007

By hiking the Divide I can't think of any laws that I have broken. If you
are saying I make Abbey look like a saint I will take that as the highest
compliment you could give me. I will admit the troll part. Often while
hiking I have spent time under bridges trying to get out of the weather.
Knowing what I do about land issues in the West, if you can hike across New
Mexico without trespassing and climbing under, over or through a thousand
fences--you're road walking. I'm sorry, I find nothing wrong with hiking
across the bootheel. If, according to the Border Patrol, Forest Service and
BLM, 2,000 illegals cross through "every  week" I don't think I am making
much of an impact. I know I am not making any more of an impact than one
Animas cow. I plan to hike the CDT again and I plan to hike the bootheel. I
am not suggesting that any one else do the same. I was responding to a query
that I had some input. I've often found that a selection of thru-hikers of
any given trail tend to find their persona by breaking wind or being so
completely backward that they make Barney Fife look like a devil. I think
Ben should read Ed's books again. For God's sakes the guy is secretly buried
on government land, I just want to walk across it.  -Keep Smilin', Dick E.
Bird the Troll (I like that--could be my new trail name).
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